List of useful R packages (last updated: Feb 15, 2020)

Below is a list of useful R packages that I regularly use:

  • data.table - a faster way of working with data frames in R. Very useful while working with very large datasets (>10 million records)

  • lubridate - for handling time stamps in R (like in GPS recrods or time series data)

  • geosphere - for working with GPS data

  • lavaan - for structural equation modeling (also check blavaan for bayesian SEM)

  • bsts - for estimation of bayesian structural time series models (a.k.a state - space models)

  • imputeTS - for imputing missing data in time series

  • Bergm - for bayesian exponential randon graph models

  • RSiene, relevent, statnet, sna - various packages for social network analysis