Divyakant Tahlyan

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Divyakant Tahlyan
PhD Candidate,
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering,
Transportation Center,
Northwestern University,
600 Foster Street, 220
Evanston, IL 60208
Email: dtahlyan [@] u [.] northwestern [.] edu

About me

I am a PhD Candidate at the Northwestern University's Transportation Systems Analysis and Planning Program in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. I am currently working at the Transportation Center as a graduate research assistant. I am interested and have strong skills in analyzing data, building machine learning and econometric models and using these to understand and solve transportation problems.

Research Interests

Areas I am deeply interested in and have worked in the past:

  • Travel demand forecasting and travel behavior analysis

  • Discrete choice modeling and other applied econometrics methods

  • Social network analysis

  • Transportation application of machine learning

  • Crash data analysis

  • Analysis of passive data sources (like GPS data) for transportation planning purposes

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Recent Publications

  • Tahlyan, D., Balusu, S.K., Sheela, P.V., Maness, M. and Pinjari, A.R., 2020. An empirical assessment of the impact of incorporating attitudinal variables on model transferability. In Mapping the Travel Behavior Genome (pp. 145-165). Elsevier. PDF | PREPRINT

  • Luong, T.D., Tahlyan, D. and Pinjari, A.R., 2018. Comprehensive Exploratory Analysis of Truck Route Choice Diversity in Florida. Transportation Research Record, 2672(9), pp.152-163. PDF | PREPRINT

  • Verma, A., Kumari, A., Tahlyan, D. and Hosapujari, A.B., 2017. Development of hub and spoke model for improving operational efficiency of bus transit network of Bangalore city. Case Studies on Transport Policy, 5(1), pp.71-79. PDF | IN NEWS

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