Divyakant Tahlyan

Ph.D. Candidate. Northwestern University.

Northwestern University Transportation Center

600 Foster Street

Evanston, Illinois 60208

I am a PhD Candidate at the Northwestern University's Transportation Systems Analysis and Planning Program in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. I am currently working at the Transportation Center as a graduate research assistant under the supervision of Prof. Hani Mahmassani. I am interested and have strong skills in analyzing data, building machine learning and econometric models and using these to understand and solve transportation problems.

Research Interests

  • Statistical, econometric and machine learning methods for transportation data analysis: discrete choice and ordered response models, integrated choice and latent variable models, count data models, heterogeneity and hierarchical models, structural equation modeling, latent class and latent transition analysis, machine learning based classifiers (SVM, neural networks, decision trees) and ensemble learning.
  • Social networks and travel: Egocentric network data collection and synthetic social network generation, social capital measurement, dimensions and impact on activity participation.
  • Route choice modeling: choice set generation algorithms, truck route choice, use of large scale passive data sources
  • Crash data analysis: frequency and severity modeling and prediction, zero-inflated and limited dependent variable models, unobserved heterogeneity and hierarchical models, spatial transfer-ability and temporal instability.
  • ICT and travel: role of perceptions, attitudes, experiences, constraints and satisfaction on tele-activities adoption and future retention, virtual/physical activity interaction, tele-activity and well-being.


Sep 4, 2021 I was awarded the Northwestern University Transportation Center’s Dissertation Year Fellowship.
Sep 3, 2021 Paper on characterizing visitor behavior using sequence alignment clustering is published. [doi]
Aug 24, 2021 Paper on simulating large-scale events using a network of heterogeneous queues is published. [doi]
May 2, 2021 I was awarded the 2021 T&DI Bob Camillone Memorial Scholarship by ASCE Illinois Section.

selected publications

  1. TM
    Characterizing visitor engagement behavior at large-scale events: Activity sequence clustering and ranking using GPS tracking data
    Abkarian, H., Tahlyan, D., Mahmassani, H., and Smilowitz, K.
    Tourism Management 2022
  2. TRR
    Simulating Large-Scale Events as a Network of Heterogeneous Queues: Framework and Application
    Cummings, C., Abkarian, H., Zhou, Y., Tahlyan, D., Smilowitz, K., and Mahmassani, H.
    Transportation Research Record 2021
  3. MTBG
    An empirical assessment of the impact of incorporating attitudinal variables on model transferability
    Tahlyan, D., Balusu, S. K., Sheela, P. V., Maness, M., and Pinjari, A.
    Mapping the Travel Behavior Genome 2020