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  1. TM
    Characterizing visitor engagement behavior at large-scale events: Activity sequence clustering and ranking using GPS tracking data
    Abkarian, H., Tahlyan, D., Mahmassani, H., and Smilowitz, K.
    Tourism Management 2022


  1. TIDE
    The influence of activities and socio-economic/demographic factors on the acceptable distance in an Indian scenario
    Rahul, TM., Manoj, M., Tahlyan, D., and Verma, A.
    Transportation in Developing Economies 2021
  2. TRR
    Simulating Large-Scale Events as a Network of Heterogeneous Queues: Framework and Application
    Cummings, C., Abkarian, H., Zhou, Y., Tahlyan, D., Smilowitz, K., and Mahmassani, H.
    Transportation Research Record 2021


  1. TA:TS
    Performance evaluation of choice set generation algorithms for analyzing truck route choice: insights from spatial aggregation for the breadth first search link elimination (BFS-LE) algorithm
    Tahlyan, D., and Pinjari, A.
    Transportmetrica A: Transport Science 2020
  2. MTBG
    An empirical assessment of the impact of incorporating attitudinal variables on model transferability
    Tahlyan, D., Balusu, S. K., Sheela, P. V., Maness, M., and Pinjari, A.
    Mapping the Travel Behavior Genome 2020
  3. CSTP
    Agent based simulation model for improving passenger service time at Bangalore airport
    Verma, A., Tahlyan, D., and Bhusari, S.
    Case Studies on Transport Policy 2020


  1. TRR
    Comprehensive Exploratory Analysis of Truck Route Choice Diversity in Florida
    Luong, T. D., Tahlyan, D., and Pinjari, A.
    Transportation Research Record 2018


  1. CSTP
    Development of hub and spoke model for improving operational efficiency of bus transit network of Bangalore city
    Verma, A., Kumari, A., Tahlyan, D., and Hosapujari, A. B.
    Case Studies on Transport Policy 2017